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How to Make a Raspberry Gin

Raspberry gin is becoming a popular trend or fad among those who drink gin. Unlike mixed drinks wherein you mix gin with other types of liquids and fruits in order to create an alcoholic cocktail beverage, raspberry gin is more like infusing the fragrance and flavors of raspberry into the gin. This gives the gin […]

Different Beers From Different Countries

Every beer is so vastly unique that not one single make of beer tastes the same. The main things that constitutes the taste of beer is the hops and barley. Some use wheat in place of barley. Another thing to keep in mind is there are hundreds of different species of hops, barely, and wheat. […]

Home Brewing Legal Status in USA

Home brewing became legal in all the fifty states on July 1, 2013. Mississippi, Alabama, Utah and Oklahoma were the last states to legalize home brewing, with clear laws of their own parliaments that overturned the venerable illegal status of the home brew.   Even though the state Alabama was the last US legislature to […]

How is Beer Made?

How is Beer Made? As esoteric as some people make it sound, the process of making beer is really very simple. In more than 3,000 years of its known existence, beer is made in the same basic way and using the same basic ingredients. Differences among brews are numerous, but they only add different elements […]

The History of Beer

The History of Beer Humans have been brewing beer for thousands of years. Different cultures have been brewing and fermenting cereal to drink for as long as 7,000 years. Traces of beer and barley have been found in ancient Mesopotamian jars. Hieroglyphics and pictographs showcase people brewing beer, drinking beer or in some cases, regulating […]